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In March 2011, registered Association of Sugar Producers of the Customs Union.

The Association was established pursuant to the decision of the Advisory Council ountries-participants of the Customs Union in order to coordinate the activities of sugar of the Customs Union, the representation and protection of common property interests in the organs of state power and administration, institutions of the Customs Union and international organizations to strengthen unity and mutual assistance, as well as promote the development of the sugar beet industry of these countries, and the effective functioning of the sugar market in their territory.

In 2015, the Association of Sugar Producers of the Customs Union was renamed the Eurasian Sugar Association

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Supported by
Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
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The Association was registered in April 2013. The organization comprises four sugar factories of Belarus: JSC "Gorodeya sugar factory", JSC "Zhabinka sugar factory", JSC "Skidel sugar factory", OJSC "Slutsk sugar factory".

The Association was established to promote the interests of the Belarusian sugar industry in foreign markets, including in the framework of the Customs Union.

Institutional partner

Institutional partner
The Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR)
Is an infocentric consultancy engaged in analysis of the domestic Russian and global agricultural and food systems.
IKAR's core competencies focus on analysis and forecasting of Russia's agricultural commodity markets, with particular expertise in grain, sugar, oilseeds, meat and dairy products. The Institute's research covers the whole vertical commodity chain, from input production and supply to retailing of finished products. The agency provides analytical services across a broad spectrum of issues and generates both short- and long-term commodity market forecasts. Our specialty is development of corporate strategies to capitalize on commodity market trends, coupled with consultations on investment strategies for the investment community.

General partner

General partner
The Putsch® Group is one of the leading international providers of technology for the planning, construction and modernization of sugar factories and refineries. As a “global player” in the sugar and sweetener industry, Putsch® has designed and manufactured cutting-edge technology for the sugar-producing industry for more than 140 years.
The range of products for sugar production spans the complete spectrum – from beet recieving and preparation to slicing and juice purification to filtration equipment as well as sugar transport and loading systems.
The Putsch® Group – your partner for research and development, planning and design as well as the manufacture and installation of equipment. From basic engineering, implementation of the systems and after-sales service – all the expertise that you need in one place!

General information partner

General information partner
Scientific-technical and industrial magazine with 90-year history of service for beet-sugar production. The magazine is on the list of leading periodicals of HAC. Since 2012 it is also available in an electronic version.

Registration partner

Registration partner
GEA Heat Exchangers has changed: another new standalone company has been created out of the former Heat Exchanger Division of the GEA Group AG. The name Kelvion is new, but we continue as global experts in heat exchange. As always, we remain committed to earning your trust.
You’ll still recognize us. We continue to develop our products, manufacture them with precision and distribute globally. We continue to offer one of the world's largest heat exchanger product portfolios: Plate heat exchangers, shell & tube heat exchangers, finned tube heat exchangers, modular cooling towers and refrigeration heat exchangers for a wide range of applications.
We operate in global markets for power generation, oil and gas, chemistry, marine applications, climate and environment, food, beverages and sugar. From us, you can expect products with outstanding levels of efficiency, safety, and sustainability. More importantly, we care about your business, like close, trusted partners.
Customers rely on us to understand their needs, boost their performance, and deliver products that always get the job done. We compete for the toughest deals, in the harshest environments. But we're not too big to care.
We’re Kelvion – ready to take on the challenges of heat exchange.


More than 20 years of successful experience in modernization and construction of sugar plants not only in Ukraine, but also in the European Union, CIS and Africa countries allow Techinservice Manufacturing Group to offer our Clients the most efficient and sophisticated solutions for almost all sections of sugar refineries, in particular:
    Beet Transportation
    Lime Section
    Juice & Syrup Purification
    Heating & Evaporation
    Boiling House
    Drying Section
    Cane Raw Sugar Melting
    Warehouse Equipment
    Other Equipment
Techinservice is a one-stop shop for supply of customized equipment for sugar plants, from all process equipment to an entire plant. We can tailor our services to your needs thanks to our unique patented technologies, our own machine-building plant (GMZ) as well as highly-qualified design engineering, heat-and-power engineering, software engineering and control systems departments. All these features guarantee the high quality, reliability and durability of our equipment.
The company Glaß & Wolff Metalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG. is engaged in modernization of sugar factories with improved productivity, as well as individual stations, engineering, manufacturing washing systems, defecosaturation, filter press and chamber filters, decanter centrifuges, supply pulp drying complexes and lines of the granulation of steklorezom repair and supply of spare parts, repair presses for deep-drawn - as the leading specialist in Western and Eastern Europe.
Our portfolio includes:
- Washing equipment
- Belt conveyors
- Separators (Separating systems)
- Juice purification systems
- Evaporator stations
- Vacuum pans
- Filter presses
- Candle filters
- Beet slicers
- Pump technology
- Delivery of spare parts for our own machines and others’
- Repair and overhaul of machines
Whether you’re an engineer or a plant manager, whether you work in a paper mill, power plant or other industrial facility, we can help you improve your results. We’ll assess your unique needs and challenges and match them with the right experts and solutions.
That’s exactly what we’ve been doing since our founding nearly 100 years ago. Today, we are a leading global specialty chemical supplier and one of three water treatment companies with a truly global footprint. We have 3,500 employees and 30 manufacturing facilities, which span 118 countries and five continents.
Throughout our rich history as Betz Laboratories, Drew, Stockhausen, Hercules and Ashland Water Technologies, our guiding principle has never changed: Our objective is to help you.
As a world leader on the market of construction and modernization of sugar mills, production equipment and services for the sugar industry, BMA AG since 1853, follows its own principles and has long-term experience and excellent market knowledge, brilliant engineering, high efficiency of the produced equipment, a unique organization of construction works, post-sales services and technological support. The branched structure of the group's subsidiaries BMA AG allows you to confidently attend the markets of all regions of the world and to be always in direct contact with the Customer.
The subsidiary company "of BMA RUSSLAND", which has a staff of more than 135 highly skilled engineers and a team of more than 200 professional builders, offers a full range of expert services for sugar factories.
LLC "BMA RUSSLAND", 394036, Voronezh, Komissarzhevskaya street, 10; bodies.: + 7 (473) 260 69 91; e-mail:;,
We have been developing and manufacturing conveying systems in Apen and putting them into operation for our customers for 60 years. AMF-Bruns has made a name for itself both nationally and internationally with high quality and customer orientation and has continually advanced the field of conveyor technology.
We ensure the following benefits for our customers under the motto ‘Industrial Solutions – Made in Apen’:
  • Competitive pricing with high quality
  • Tailored solutions from a single source through precise project management and industry expertise
  • Expansion of our services in planning support and design of customer projects
AMF-Bruns Russia
Friedrich-Engels 24B
394036 Woronesh
Tel: +7 473 260 2248
Mobile: +7 909 210 2756
Email: voronezh(at)
Neltec Denmark A/S is located in Vojens, Denmark.
For more than 25 years Neltec has supplied its ColourQ in-line colour measurements to sugar factories all over the world. The Neltec In-line colour measurement after the centrifugals is state of the art to ensure that the quality of the sugar is within the target.
The ColourQ 2100 is well-known for its accuracy and stable calibration. The instrument helps the factories to control their product quality, optimize their process and save energy costs.
This year Neltec came up with two new sensors to indicate the sugar quality.
The Neltec ColourQ 1600 is an economic instrument indicating deviations from the standard sugar colour on the conveyor.
The Neltec ColourQ 1700 has been designed to indicate the sugar colour of the sugar crystals inside a continuous centrifugal, in order to optimize the water and steam addition to this type of centrifugals.
Our network of agents makes it easy for customers to get in contact with us in any place of the world.
VOLGOHIMNEFT founded in 1993.

We are a diversified, successfully growing company.

Our goal is to be the best partner for our customers.

We are ready to offer our customers high-tech, in-demand products and professional service.

The experience and resources possessed by volgohimneft, allow us to constantly develop production technologies and joint projects with our partners.

We have a modern laboratory and production.

Professional team of our company can confidently look to the future and to achieve their goals.
NT-Prom, LLC - is actively developing Russian engineering company.
Over the years NT-Prom gained a valuable experience in preparing and implementing large-scale engineering projects under advanced international standards.
The basis of our business - use of the advanced international experience of reconstruction of the industrial enterprises and ability to adapt technological achievements of last years to conditions of the Client.
NT-Prom provides an effective technological audit and a detailed substantiation of possible variants of modernization.
Since 2003, NT-Prom involved in the reconstruction of 74 sugar factories in Russia and CIS countries.
NT-Prom employs 3 Doctors of Sciences, 5 Ph.Ds and 53 Engineers.
The main structural units of NT-Prom:
- Department of Research and Development
- Design Bureau
- Automation\Industrial Control Group
- Assembly Group
- Department of Foreign Trade and Logistics
- Groups of Financial and Project Management
Besides sugar branch the company is engaged in engineering in the chemical and mining industries, has environmental projects for cement production from sugar industry wastes...
Scientific-production enterprise "Promosedia" (PI Sotnikov, Valery Alexandrovich") c 1999 under the leadership of Doc. tech. PhD, Professor Sotnikov V. A. is actively developing in the sphere of creation and industrial production auxiliary production substances antiseptirujut drugs for the prevention and rapid destruction of foreign microorganisms used in food and microbiological industries.
- 1999 and on Nast. time-research work in the field of technical Microbiology and food production technology to identify specific foreign microflora in food enterprises, identify the causes of these microbiological problems and develop ways to address them. Development of individual antiseptics under the General brand name "Betasept" for various branches of the food industry;
- 2004 – Establishment of industrial production of drugs "Butcept". The mastery of the production of the drug "Betaserc" for the alcohol industry for the preservation of the fermenting wort in the fermentation tanks and the preservation of yeast at the stage of draganac;
- 2005 - development and production of the preparation "Betasept" for suppression of specific microflora at the enterprises for release of baking yeast;
- 2006 – Production of the drug "Betaserc" for the preservation of the seed yeast in brewing, kvass preparing, medovina and serverini, and for the production of several alcoholic and non-alcoholic products;
- 2007 - the Beginning of the series antiseptiruyuschimi preparations for the sugar industry: "Butcept" and "Butcept for compressive water»;
- 2011-Development and production of antiseptics with high temperature resistance and solubility for the alcohol industry at the stage of saccharification wort: "Betasept for saccharification»;
- 2012 – In the framework of import substitution, the expansion of the production base with the establishment and development of technological lines for the production of domestic components antiseptirujut drugs.
- 2014-Development of highly differentiated antiseptic preparations for implementation of the protected fermentations in production of enzyme preparations and in production of citric acid.
SMC Macromer Ltd. is a Russian leader in the sphere of development and production of products for polymer and technical chemistry.
The total number of staff is 130 employees, including 35 employees involved in Research and Development Center.
In 2010, the Company was ranked 30 in the Russian National Business Rating among 646 chemical enterprises registered and conducting their business in the territory of the Russian Federation. The Company was granted the status of “Russian Economy Leader 2010”.
In 2011, the Company was ranked 21 in Russian National Business Rating among 650 enterprises of the Russian Federation. The Company was granted the status of “Russian Economy Leader 2011”.
According to its financial results for 2013 the Company was awarded the title Leader of Russia 2013.
Gluvex is an advanced Russian company for the supply and maintenance of technological and laboratory equipment of leading European manufacturers for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industries. 

Today we are an official distributor of a number of the leading manufacturing companies such as Sotax, SoloContainment, Agilent, Schmidt+Haensch, the recognized world leaders in development and production of the analytical equipment.

Under the Gluvex trademark expendables and accessories are issued. If necessary, we are guaranteed to supply the necessary spare parts for your equipment. 

Partnership with reliable suppliers allows us to remain competitive in the market, we, in turn, listen to the wishes of the client, which guarantees a successful end result that meets all performance, quality and safety.

Our technologists assist in the development of the project of a modern analytical laboratory, help to equip it with the necessary equipment and control the project until its implementation. To do this, the company employs project management specialists with ten years of experience, who GMP experts and candidates of pharmaceutical Sciences, who provide consulting support for the selection and configuration of laboratory equipment, in accordance with the rules of good manufacturing practice.

We have already implemented more than 200 successful projects to equip laboratories in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry; more than 50 companies are working with us under the contract of service and metrological outsourcing. 

 Our technical specialists have a high level of professionalism, regularly improve their skills in Europe and have certificates of both Russian and international standard.

Every year, together with our partners, we hold more than 20 seminars, including participation in international scientific conferences and industry forums. Gluvex team helps to optimize your costs, reduce the time for project implementation and prepare the necessary validation documents that meet Russian and international quality standards. We have our own logistics service, which will deliver the ordered equipment on time and in a short time. 

Thanks to reliable partners and a comprehensive approach when working with customers, Gluvex has won a leading position in the market of laboratory and technological equipment.

In 2018, our company was awarded the prestigious prize in the field of import substitution in Russia - "Priority". This is a significant award for the best enterprises of the country that have achieved the greatest success in the field of import substitution. 

We have proved in practice our competence, quality of services and are ready to offer You a wide range of laboratory equipment.


Quality of sugarbeet roots laboratory:
- supply of equipment;
- modernization of existing laboratories;
- installation, installation supervision, starting-up and adjustment works;
- software development for PLC and PC.

Production laboratory:
- supply of equipment;
- software development.

Supply and commissioning of process measuring instruments.

«TECHTKANSERVIS» LLP, is engaged in manufacturing and supplying filter elements used in various industries such as:
- food;
- chemical;
- production of mineral fertilizers;
- mining-and-metallurgical, mineral;
- utilization of slimes;
- purification of waste water;
- capture of dust emissions into the atmosphere;
- etc.
«TECHTKANSERVIS» LLP  has its own sewing production for the manufacture of filter elements, offers a full range of standard products and finds an individual approach to each client.
For almost 100 years the company success of Riedel Filtertechnik has been based on innovative research and development of products and services in process engineering and automation. As supplier of tailor-made turn-key solutions for de-dusting, exhaust air cleaning and pneumatic transport systems, Riedel has successfully established itself into a wide variety of industries, especially in sugar and sugar processing, e.g. confectionery industry.
Our solutions for the sugar industry reflect the years of experience from hundreds of installations around the world. These individual solutions range from silo conditioning and central vacuum cleaning to the de-dusting of conveying systems, dryers and silo interiors. In the design we attach great importance to work safety and hygienic conditions. Thereby the EU health and food legislation, sugar BG and ATEX guidelines play a central role and define our actions.
Riedel takes over the complete project management including
engineering and design,
automation and visualisation,
installation and commissioning,
volume flow, emission and noise measurement
system maintenance and service.
Svema RUS is a team of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the implementation of technological projects related to such areas as packaging and industrial automation at the enterprises of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
We offer our clients comprehensive technical solutions based on the technologies of our partners from Western Europe, who are leaders in their field.
The wide range of technologies offered by us unites both packing of various loose, and pouring of liquid and pasty products, and also their automatic palletizing, strapping or packing in a film on a pallet.
Our goal is to provide high-quality implementation of the project starting from the analysis of the initial situation and ending with the training of personnel after the delivery and commissioning of the equipment.
Besides, our company provides delivery of spare parts and expendables, planned and urgent service.
RKW SE is a leading manufacturer of polyethylene packaging materials in food, agriculture, medicine and hygiene, chemical and construction industries. For sugar industry enterprises, the company produces modern packaging film, FFS, for forming bags of sugar from 5 to 50kg, as well as film stretch hood packaging for pallet with bags.
Facts about the RKW group:
     - 60 years of experience in research, development and production of plastic films and packaging.
     - Modern technologies and equipment
     - Production of more than 378,000 tons of PE packaging materials per year 
     - 20 manufacturing plants worldwide, headquartered in Germany
     - more than 3,000 employees
     - The company is privately owned
     - Turnover of about 905 million Euros (for 2017)
Since 2002 JSC «SIA «Akonit» is a modern Russian enterprise with three production sites in Vologda, Kirov, Novokuznetsk, with a total stuff more than 600, including in the Design Department. Our company is actively implementing the program of import substitution and the development of new types of equipment.
The main specialization of our company is the design, production and delivery of conveyor systems for the transportation of bulk materials, construction of industrial buildings, equipment installation. We offer our customers the full-cycle implementation on turnkey basis:  from design to service and output to target performance.
JSC «SIA «Akonit» has successful experience in production:
- clamp-forming machines and stackers, 
- elevators and modern high-angle conveyors with high performance and eco-friendly product transportation.
- belt conveyors including pipe conveyors for transportation of up to 10 km on curved path and rough country without additional transfer points that positively affects the safety of the product.
- screw, plate, scraper conveyors;
- mobile unit-load conveyors;
- also developed and implemented our own decision for stone catchers; earth, metal and water separators; remelters and crystallizers.
JSC «SIA «Akonit» offers innovative developments of the reconstruction of beet fluming for less energy-intensive dry feed system of beets which frees you from problems with circulation of water.
In view of import substitution we are ready to produce analogues of foreign equipment. We have an experience of reproduction of technological machines and lines of the world's leading manufacturers, which allowed the final customer to reduce the time of implementation, the project budget and the currency risks.
The company has its own construction unit, we also have our own cranes, special-purpose vehicles and mobile mancamp.
We send our specialists to check the production sites if needs and we invite you to visit our production sites for technical audit. Aside from that we could organize your specialists visit to the places of implemented projects.
Our contacts:
JSC SIA "Akonit"
Vologda, Udarnikov st, 34
Tel. (8172) 20-90-45
Engineering company engaged in the design and supply of equipment for the sugar industry.
- analysis of new investments
- audit of existing sugar factories
- conceptual projects
- multi-option technology projects- construction , automation and electrics
- comprehensive solutions for stations of the diffusion
- delivery of equipment for: juice extraction stations, juice clarifiers, heat exchangers, heating chambers, sugar dryers and much more…
We have implemented 545 orders for 120 sugar factories in the world.
Invite to cooperation!
Poland, 01-695 Warsaw, al. Slowianska 10c, +48 608 426 461, +48 22 243 99 60
With more than 25 years of experience, the Color & Vision Dpt specializes in real-time image treatment.
It performs on-line color and particle size measurements and analyzes. Its equipment have been designed to perfectly comply with sugar industry and mineral industry specificities.
The Color & Vision Dpt has at its disposal mechanic, electricity /automation and electronic study offices. Assembling and tests are done in our premises. Software design is performed by our engineers.
Fives, an industrial engineering Group, designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s largest industrial groups including the aluminium, steel, glass, automotive, aerospace, logistics, cement and energy sectors. 
S&A is official representative of the world leading manufacturer of industrial cooling equipment – SPX Cooling Technologies. 
SPX Cooling Technologies is a pioneer in the sphere of industrial cooling, producing a cooling tower since 1883, having more than 150 patents and owns 4 world-renowned brands such as: Marley, Balcke-Dürr, Dry Cooling and Recold. 
Amandus Kahl, founded in 1876 and family-owned since generations, is a medium-sized manufacturer of domestic waste pelleting plants, waste tyre recycling plants and other technical solutions.  Research, design, development and synergies are key features of the company. 
Complete turn-key compound feed factories, wood pelleting plants, domestic waste pelleting plants and waste tyre recycling plants are supplied to well-known companies throughout the world.  For the recycling industry, we offer complete waste tyre recycling plants, domestic waste pelleting plants as well as straw, biomass and wood pelleting plants. In all areas, we are among the leading international manufacturers.  
With more than 800 employees, a worldwide network of agencies, service technicians, subsidiaries and sales offices, we provide support to our customers every day, around the globe. The machines and plant parts are manufactured near Hamburg and Bremen, i.e. quality "Made in Germany".
Through constant systematic and extensive investments in modern machining centres, we ensure the high quality of our products such as waste tyre recycling plants, pelleting presses for compound feed or granulation machines. Benefit from our know-how when it comes to recycling, pelleting or granulation.
RSBP spol. s r. o. has been engaged in providing fire and explosion protection for industrial equipment since 1992. We are a professional supplier of solutions for safeguarding industrial plants and equipment, we detect risks and prevent the occurrence of explosions and fires. We employ top professionals who work in the field of fire and explosion prevention and protection, risk analysis, engineering and in preparing documentation in accordance with directive ATEX 137.


ABO valve was founded in 1993 as a daughter company of a Czech company Siwatec, a. s. With a history of more than 20 years, we are currently one of the largest European manufacturers of shut-off and control valves for industrial applications.
We offer to our customers a wide scope of products which covers butterfly valves for general and industrial use including high performance valves with double and triple offset, knife gate and ball valves as well as safety valves for the most demanding applications.
We emphasize quality and innovation. Our valves have obtained several different European and international certificates like TUV, GOST R, Lloyd’s Register, ABS, DVGW or API 609-0068. The manufacturing facilities are certified by the ISO 9001, which ensures high quality of the products and their durability, as well as the meeting of safety regulations. Product related and country specific certificates can be found in the product sections and also in the certificates section.
The company headquarters, as well as the manufacturing facilities, are located in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The network of our branches all over the world ensures the export of products and services to more than 50 countries. You can find the company branches in Bánská Bystrica (Slovakia), Smolensk (Russia), Singapore, Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), Manama (Bahrain), Shanghai (China) and Instabul (Turkey). Moreover, we have direct sales representatives and dealer offices in numerous countries around Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia&Pacific and Latin America.
FOSS is a leading provider of specialized analytical solutions that improve the business efficiency of agricultural producers, food and chemical industries. The company was founded in Denmark in 1956, in 1999 opened a representative office of FOSS in Russia, which sells analyzers, has a staff of certified specialists and offers a range of services for warranty and post-warranty service, supply of consumables and spare parts.  FOSS employs more than 1,200 people who work in more than 20 countries and serve around 50 countries. The annual turnover of FOSS exceeds 230 million euros, 15% of which go to research and development, more than 90% of the world market in its field belong to FOSS. Dun & Bradstreet FOSS has the highest international credit rating AAA, which has only 3% of companies in the world.


Российская компания «ГК АгроТехХолдинг» является лидером по предоставлению комплекса услуг проектированию, производству, строительству и монтажу комплексов для Агро-Промышленного-Комплекса России.
Наши технологи, проектировщики бесплатно разработают и предоставят Вам 3D варианты модернизации вашего производства. Наши Эффективные Инженерные решения учитывают не только стоимость оборудования, но затраты на монтаж, эксплуатацию и сервис, учитывая специфику Российских условий эксплуатации.
Являясь активным партнером по производству, конструированию оборудования, в том числе через Росагролизинг. Мы первыми наладили производство линейки оборудования для сахарных заводов в рамках «Импортозамещения», которое значительно дешевле импортных аналогов.
Собственный завод «АгроТехМаш» (г. Воронеж. – Центр Сахарного производства) оперативно сконструирует, изготовит и запустит как стандартное технологическое оборудование, так и оборудование, изготовленное по спецзаказу для Вашего завода, учитывая современные требования к безопасности.

Новинкой 2018 года стала разработка и внедрение нашими конструкторами обновленной линейки транспортного оборудования для Сахарной промышленности.

Собственная команда отдела Автоматизации и Электрики проектирует, изготавливает монтирует и настраивает автоматизацию технологических процессов, разрабатывает современные системы контроля потоков сахара.
Сервисная служба АгроТехХолдинга осуществляет модернизацию устаревшего оборудования, производит доработку оборудования до современных требований Технических регламентов и Регламентов соответствия Пищевой промышленности.

Газовая служба АТХ осуществляет техническое обслуживание, ремонт, настройку имеющегося газового оборудования. Производит подбор и замену на новые современные эффективные горелки.

Наши специалисты готовы круглосуточно помочь и содействовать в решении  оперативных вопросов по изготовлению, поставке и монтажу любых деталей и комплектующих для сахарного производства, в том числеПроектирование и монтаж Системы аспирации и пылеудаления, Системы сжатого воздуха,  Системы отопления и кондиционирования, Системы противопожарной защиты, Автоматизации технологических процессов.
Адрес: Россия, г. Воронеж, ул. Белинского, 21, оф. 207

Тел: +7 473 250 93 93

The application deadline is: May 07, 2019
Registration fee: 21 500 rub
Included in the price:
  • Participation in the Seminar;
  • Lunch;
  • Access to the materials of the Conference.



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