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In March 2011, registered Association of Sugar Producers of the Customs Union.

The Association was established pursuant to the decision of the Advisory Council ountries-participants of the Customs Union in order to coordinate the activities of sugar of the Customs Union, the representation and protection of common property interests in the organs of state power and administration, institutions of the Customs Union and international organizations to strengthen unity and mutual assistance, as well as promote the development of the sugar beet industry of these countries, and the effective functioning of the sugar market in their territory.

In 2015, the Association of Sugar Producers of the Customs Union was renamed the Eurasian Sugar Association

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Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
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The Association was registered in April 2013. The organization comprises four sugar factories of Belarus: JSC "Gorodeya sugar factory", JSC "Zhabinka sugar factory", JSC "Skidel sugar factory", OJSC "Slutsk sugar factory".

The Association was established to promote the interests of the Belarusian sugar industry in foreign markets, including in the framework of the Customs Union.

General partner

General partner
PAYPER was established in 1973 and have specialised in design and manufacturing of machinery for weighing, bagging and palletizing solutions.
Our team of more than 120 highly skilled professionals are working to meet the global market’s current demands in terms of cost-effective and reliable equipment.
PAYPER develops and manufactures bagging machines and palletizers for all types of bulk solids including sugar.
After sales service has a high priority at PAYPER and we invest 3% of our turnover in R&D as we aim to be a long-term, trustworthy and efficient business partner.

General information partner

General information partner
Scientific-technical and industrial magazine with 90-year history of service for beet-sugar production. The magazine is on the list of leading periodicals of HAC. Since 2012 it is also available in an electronic version.


VOLGOHIMNEFT founded in 1993.

We are a diversified, successfully growing company.

Our goal is to be the best partner for our customers.

We are ready to offer our customers high-tech, in-demand products and professional service.

The experience and resources possessed by volgohimneft, allow us to constantly develop production technologies and joint projects with our partners.

We have a modern laboratory and production.

Professional team of our company can confidently look to the future and to achieve their goals.


Quality of sugarbeet roots laboratory:
- supply of equipment;
- modernization of existing laboratories;
- installation, installation supervision, starting-up and adjustment works;
- software development for PLC and PC.

Production laboratory:
- supply of equipment;
- software development.

Supply and commissioning of process measuring instruments.

EnerDry is a Danish company supplying equipment and consultancy assistance to industries requiring large scale dryers for drying of bulk particulate materials such as beet pulp from sugar factories.
Since 2002 JSC «SIA «Akonit» is a modern Russian enterprise with three production sites in Vologda, Kirov, Novokuznetsk, with a total stuff more than 600, including in the Design Department. Our company is actively implementing the program of import substitution and the development of new types of equipment.
The main specialization of our company is the design, production and delivery of conveyor systems for the transportation of bulk materials, construction of industrial buildings, equipment installation. We offer our customers the full-cycle implementation on turnkey basis:  from design to service and output to target performance.
JSC «SIA «Akonit» has successful experience in production:
- clamp-forming machines and stackers, 
- elevators and modern high-angle conveyors with high performance and eco-friendly product transportation.
- belt conveyors including pipe conveyors for transportation of up to 10 km on curved path and rough country without additional transfer points that positively affects the safety of the product.
- screw, plate, scraper conveyors;
- mobile unit-load conveyors;
- also developed and implemented our own decision for stone catchers; earth, metal and water separators; remelters and crystallizers.
JSC «SIA «Akonit» offers innovative developments of the reconstruction of beet fluming for less energy-intensive dry feed system of beets which frees you from problems with circulation of water.
In view of import substitution we are ready to produce analogues of foreign equipment. We have an experience of reproduction of technological machines and lines of the world's leading manufacturers, which allowed the final customer to reduce the time of implementation, the project budget and the currency risks.
The company has its own construction unit, we also have our own cranes, special-purpose vehicles and mobile mancamp.
We send our specialists to check the production sites if needs and we invite you to visit our production sites for technical audit. Aside from that we could organize your specialists visit to the places of implemented projects.
Our contacts:
JSC SIA "Akonit"
Vologda, Udarnikov st, 34
Tel. (8172) 20-90-45
FOSS is a leading provider of specialized analytical solutions that improve the business efficiency of agricultural producers, food and chemical industries. The company was founded in Denmark in 1956, in 1999 opened a representative office of FOSS in Russia, which sells analyzers, has a staff of certified specialists and offers a range of services for warranty and post-warranty service, supply of consumables and spare parts.  FOSS employs more than 1,200 people who work in more than 20 countries and serve around 50 countries. The annual turnover of FOSS exceeds 230 million euros, 15% of which go to research and development, more than 90% of the world market in its field belong to FOSS. Dun & Bradstreet FOSS has the highest international credit rating AAA, which has only 3% of companies in the world.


Scientific-production enterprise LLC "AQUAR-SYSTEM" was founded in 1993. For more than 25 years, the company has been a developer and manufacturer of measuring sensors and automated systems for various industries.
The company employs more than 50 people, nine of whom have the degree of PhD. In total, the scientific team of the company has more than 300 patents. The competitive advantages of the company include its scientific potential, highly qualified personnel, accumulated experience in the development and implementation of turnkey solutions, as well as effective interaction with customers in the maximum satisfaction of their needs.
Our portfolio of products and services includes turnkey solutions for the supply of sensors and control systems, for the modernization and improvement of production, as well as ongoing service support. We are aimed at improving the quality of products, services and efficiency in saving and spending resources.
The company's products and services are supplied to 19 countries. Our sensors and automated systems are successfully used in many enterprises of the CIS countries, the European Union and Asia.
The company has its distributors and representatives in the countries of the European Union, Iran, China and Russia.
The application deadline is: June 01-05, 2020
Registration fee: 5 000 rub
Included in the price:
  • Participation in the Seminar;
  • Access to the materials of the Conference.



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